Monday, April 11, 2011

this week is a HELL week!


hell week??hell yaaaaaaaaaaaa!!oppss...sori2...
hell week because of?
its get harder n harder!!

tuesday----> 7 am till 8.30am        test public sector( 4 chapter to read)
                   8.30 am till 10.30am  test mandarin (the whole text book to read)
                   10.30am till 12.30      presentation management costing
                   12.30 until 6.30pm     kelas mcm biase...
                                                  (hopefully quiz corporate ethics hari rabu)

wednesday    8.30am till 10.30 am   islamic class..
                   10.30 till 2pm             have time to study
                   2.30 until 4.30pm        test management costing (demm!!)
                   4.30pm till 6.30           quiz inter class...=,="

thusday        10.30am till 12.30pm    test organizational behavior (5 chapter) 
                2pm untill 4pm              preparation for BEL presentation (public                     speaking) 
                   8pm till 9.45pm          quiz financial reporting (this is so hard)

friday will be public holiday n the beginning of our study week for final!!
omak....please give me strength..  
pray for me ya...

oh oh..btw...tajuk public speaking aku buat pasal vlogger ya'lls!!yippie!


Aretikz said...

Good luck.. anggap jak tu tadika punya subjek.. hehe..

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