Monday, December 21, 2009

~~~sy pening~~~ bru je buat blog sy nie..
sy msih nk pahamkn system die.. pening!!well..xpe...lame2 mst sy akan phm gak an..
urm..evryone in this universe has their own probs rite.. sy xtkecuali dr owg2 2..hurm..its hard 2 say that im gonna be fine..but..
huh..damn..kdg2 sy xtau r nk selesaikn mslh 2 mcm ne
sy lbh suke mndiamkn diri je..owg mungkin ingat sy pgecut but sy mmg mcm 2..
i rather quite than make myself look stupid..
hurmm..mcm ne lah nk ilang kn probs ea..ade sape2 leh tolong??